Ecolo Mist Systems™ strives to ensure that all our misting systems and products are manufactured and formulated to the highest quality control standards. We stock and sale the industries first environmentally friendly biodegradable mosquito repellent Bug DeFence™, for use in our Automated misting systems and provide a complete line-up of other registered pesticides. This includes one of the industry's first permethrin registered for use in residential misting systems, HYPER 13™. Our manufacturing processes are certified and audited by the ISO 9001:2080 quality assurance standards. A comprehensive array of both chemical products and application systems are available to provide mosquito elimination for any situation.

Ecolo Mist Systems™ is focused on its mission, which is to provide distributors with advanced technology and products for controlling mosquitoes around the world. We are passionate about our commitment to quality, safety and the ongoing development of environmentally sound products and formulations.

With over 25 years in the business and thousands of satisfied customers around the global. This gives us the experience and the confidence to call ourselves the leaders in "Mosquito Control Systems".
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